Inflection Vol.02 Transmit | Outward Exhibition 

18th September 2015 – 06th October 2015

Dulux Gallery, Melbourne School of Design


Inflection Vol.02 Transmit | Outward Exhibition
Dulux Gallery, Melbourne School of Design
18th September 2015 – 06th October 2015

Transmit|Outward, Inflection’s annual exhibition for 2015, explores the theme of projection and its relationship to the creative process as a perpetual state of becoming.

Projection (noun), from the Latin ‘prociere’, to ‘throw forth’.

A projection is fundamentally an active event. It is an act of transmission in which something – light, information, thoughts, ideas – is thrown outward and reshaped; projection implies a process in which abstract concepts or data are thrust into a new state of being. The act of design is an act of projection, in which ideas are guided from the mind of the designer into the world. This is also an act of imagination – a mental projection into an uncertain future.

The tools used to convey an imagined vision inherently shape its development, impacting both process and outcome. Historically, artists experimented with linear perspective to project an imagined world beyond the picture frame. Today, adaptations of visual projection are used to construct highly polished digital renders of buildings and objects yet to emerge in the physical world. In both cases, every line, every mark – on page or screen – carries information on the evolution of the work, and can be traced back through a process of projection.

Given that this outward transmission of an idea has a significant impact on the way it is received and understood, how can we reflect on the processes of projection in design? What impact do the tools used to communicate a vision have on the way ideas become reality?

Transmit | Outward is presented by Inflection journal, and seeks to advance the journal’s mission of engaging our community in a discourse on architecture and the built environment. The gallery simultaneously becomes an event space, an exhibition space and a dynamic generator for ideas and student growth that moves beyond the requirements of the classroom or studio crit.

As an exhibition, Transmit | Outward directly responds to the spatial context of the Dulux Gallery, designed around two distinct installations. Exploring contemporary art theory, the exhibition positions the visitor as an active participant free to roam and navigate.

Exhibition Curation: Ariani Anwar & Danielle Rose Mileo

Exhibition Team: Ariani Anwar, Alexandra Bell, Danielle Rose Mileo, Katie Petros, Jonathan Russell & William Cassell

Timber Construction: Ross Berryman, Karl Weber, Pei Wen Kwek, David Anthony, Chris Haddad, Sascha Bauer, Samuel Tait, Anne-Gaelle Poussin & Yui Uchimura

Paper Threading: Ariani Anwar, Tanya Banagala, Alexandra Bell, William Cassell, Jeremy Eaton, Kate Farhall, Courtney Foote, Clara Friedhoff, John Gatip, Shang-ting Hsu, Danielle Rose Mileo, Chris Moloney, Jesse Moss, Katie Petros, Jonathan Russell, Cordell Ryan, Liam Shambrook & Bhargav Sridhar

This exhibition would not have been possible without the generous support of Philippa Knack, Ross Berryman, Jas Johnston, Michele Burder and the Melbourne School of Design.