Inflection is the annual student-run journal from the Melbourne School of Design. Internationally distributed, Inflection explores themes relevant to contemporary architectural discourse through the contributions of students, scholars and practitioners.

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Academic Advisor Dr. AnnMarie Brennan


Upcoming Volume Editors

Vol. 08 Editors

Kate Donaldson, Manning McBride and Michaela Prunotto

Current Volume Editors

Vol. 07 Editors

Arinah Rizal, Han Jiang and Louis O’Connor

Born from a desire to stimulate debate and generate ideas, Inflection advocates the importance of the printed word and the discursive voice of students, academics and professionals. Founded in 2013, Inflection is a home for provocative writing, a place to share ideas and engage with the exciting time we are living in.

Inflection encourages a plurality of opinions in every issue, publishing work from students, professionals, academics and members of the public.

Previous Editors

Vol. 06 Editors: 
Brittany Weidemann, Harrison Brooks and Anna Petrou

Vol. 05 Editors: 
Lucia Amies, Liv Potter, Sam Chesbrough, Sarah Mair and William Ward

Vol. 04 Editors:
Dominic On, Nina Tory-Henderson, Jessica Wood and Stephen Yuen

Vol. 03 Editors:
Courtney Foote, John Gatip and Jil Raleigh

Vol. 03 Deputy Editors: Amor Connors and Natalie Chiodo
Vol. 03 Graphic Assistant: Johnathon Batchelor

Founding Editors (Vol. 01 and Vol. 02): 
Ariani Anwar, William Cassell and Jonathan Russell

Collaborators: Rachel Brien, Christina Caré Calgaro, Filia Christy, Dhanika Kumaheri, Nancy Mase, Nora Massouh, Danielle Mileo, Amelyn Ng, Yen Nguyen and Sophie Toogood
Deputy Editors: Alexandra Bell, Christina Caré Calgaro and Katie Petros

Inflection Vol. 07 is proud to be published and distributed by Melbourne Books. Find out more about Melbourne Books at their website here.