Inflection is the annual student-run journal from the Melbourne School of Design. Internationally distributed, Inflection explores themes relevant to contemporary architectural discourse through the contributions of students, scholars and practitioners.

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Academic Advisor Dr. AnnMarie Brennan


Current Editors

Vol. 7 Editors

Arinah Rizal, Han Jiang and Louis O’Connor


Previous Editors

Vol. 6 Editors  Brittany Weidemann, Harrison Brooks and Anna Petrou.


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Vol. 5 Editors Lucia Amies, Liv Potter, Sam Chesbrough, Sarah Mair and William Ward.

Vol. 4 Editors Dominic On, Nina Tory-Henderson, Jessica Wood and Stephen Yuen. 

Vol. 3 Editors Courtney Foote, John Gatip and Jil Raleigh

Vol. 3 Deputy Editors Amor Connors and Natalie Chiodo
Vol. 3 Graphic Assistant Johnathon Batchelor

Founding Editors (Vol. 1 and Vol. 2) Ariani Anwar, William Cassell and Jonathan Russell

Vol. 1 Collaborators Rachel Brien, Christina Caré Calgaro, Filia Christy, Dhanika Kumaheri, Nancy Mase, Nora Massouh, Danielle Mileo, Amelyn Ng, Yen Nguyen and Sophie Toogood

Vol. 2 Deputy Editors Alexandra Bell, Christina Caré Calgaro and Katie Petros

Born from a desire to stimulate debate and generate ideas, Inflection advocates the importance of the printed word and the discursive voice of students, academics and professionals. Founded in 2013, Inflection is a home for provocative writing, a place to share ideas and engage with the exciting time we are living in.

Inflection encourages a plurality of opinions in every issue, publishing work from students, professionals, academics and members of the public.