Vol. 4 Permanence


[MVRDV Expo 2000 Dutch Pavilion, Hanover]

Inflection vol. 4 examines the theme of Permanence within the discipline of architecture.

How does an understanding of architecture as occupying a point on a journey between existence and extinction shift our approach to the practices of conceiving and making space? A thorough examination of permanence in architecture will reflect upon past, present and future modes of practice; it considers the ruin and the monument, the pavilion and the ‘pop-up,’ the owner and the tenant, the creator and the context.

Inflection Vol. 4 invites students, academics and professionals to explore and unpack the complex inter-relationship between permanence and impermanence in architectural discourse. We welcome both academic and practice-oriented written pieces, visual essays, interviews and fictional works that engage with the issue in relation to architecture, design and related fields.

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