What is Inflection?


On a prosaic level, Inflection is the new student-run journal of architecture and the built environment from the Melbourne School of Design. Inflection is a themed journal, to be published annually and features work from students, academics and practitioners. Crucially, Inflection is also a physical object – an artifact to be touched, handled and read in depth. At a time when our engagement with architectural ideas is increasingly digital and transient, Inflection offers a different, slower form of discourse and in doing so, hopes to facilitate and engage in conversations about the built environment both locally and internationally.


For the inaugural issue of Inflection the title also served as our theme, its broad application enabling the gathering of an array of perspectives on the same word. This issue features both Australian and internationally recognised architects and writers such as Bernard Cache, John Wardle (John Wardle Architects), Nader Tehrani (NADAAA), Peter Malatt (Six Degrees Architects), Andrew Simpson (Andrew Simpson Architects), Alex Selenitsch and RCR Architects. Showcasing the work of known architects and writers alongside work by students and up-and-coming designers is one of Inflection’s central goals, to encourage a dialogue on the contemporary world we inhabit.


Inflection is published by Spurbuch / AADR - Art, Architecture and Design Research and supported by the Melbourne School of Design and the University of Melbourne.


The graphic design for Inflection Volume 01. a collaboration with Büro North Interdisciplinary Design and the Inflection Editors.


Inflection is available for purchase at select bookstores around Australia, Europe and the United States.


Online orders of Inflection are available through AADR.


ISBN: 978-3-88778-427-0
128 pages, 20 x 24 cm.