projection (noun), from the Latin, ‘proicere’, to ‘throw forth’.


Projection implies a dynamic process where abstract concepts, or data, are thrust into a new state of being.


A projection is fundamentally an active event. It is a process of transmission. Light, information, thoughts or ideas are thrownoutward along defined trajectories, and are ultimately reshaped by this exchange. The process of design is a series of outward projections, developed as ideas are carefully guided from the mind into the world. This also involves an act of imagining, a projection into the future. Ideas conceived today are envisaged as tomorrow’s present.


The tools used to convey imagined visions necessarily impact both process and outcome. Historically, artists experimented with linear perspective to project an imagined world beyond the picture frame. Today, adaptations of visual projection are used to construct highly polished digital renders of objects and buildings yet to emerge in the physical world. The systems used to convey a design vision inherently shape its development. Every line, every mark, on the page or screen, can be traced back through a process of projection - an action that embodies an exchange of information.


Given that the outward transmission of an idea has a significant impact on the way it is received and understood, how can we reflect on the processes of projection in design? What impact do the tools used to communicate a vision have on the way ideas become reality?


Inflection Journal invites you to submit a visual ‘Projection’ reflecting on these questions for Transmit|Outward, an exciting exhibition to be mounted at the Melbourne School of Design in 2015. Selected entries will be published in the forthcoming issue of Inflection Journal.


Entries close 5PM AEST on Wednesday July 1st, 2015.


Entry requirements:


Images must be 4724 pixels wide and 5669 pixels high.


Images must be in PNG, JPEG or TIF format.


For submissions and further information, please download and submit the application form to before 5pm, July 1, 2015.

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The inaugural edition of Inflection was launched in November 2014.

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